Osaka International Airport (Itami): Approximately 15 minutes by taxi

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Room types
Room type Room size Num. of rooms Bed size (mm) Basic rate
Single 16m² 45 195x120cm ¥19,360 more..
TWIN 21m² 56 195x100cm ¥31,460 more..
DOUBLE 21m² 9 200x145cm ¥30,250 more..
Deluxe Twin 31㎡ 4 110cm×195cm ¥36,300 more..
JAPANESE 26m² 10 ¥33,880 more..
Junior Suite 42m² 3 200x115cm ¥58,080 more..
SUITE 55m² 1 200x115cm ¥60,500 more..
ROYAL SUITE 105.5m² 1 200x115cm ¥169,400 more..

○ All rooms ● Depends on room type
Air purification system Air purification system Hair dryer Tea set
Hand towels Face towels Bath towels Shower cap
 Soap Body soap  Hand soap Hair conditioner
Hair shampoo Comb Razor blades Toothbrush
Cotton balls Cotton buds Aftershave lotion  Emulsion
 Face lotion       

Items Available to Rent/Borrow
○ Complimentary ● Charges apply
Hair styling liquid Hair tonic  Line changer Baby bed
Extra bed  PC VCR DVD player
 CD player Humidifier Trouser press Iron

○ Complimentary ● Charges apply
Takarazuka SKY STAGE (cable TV channel) Personal BGM  Massage sofa Massage
Fax (charge for sending) Photocopies Wireless LAN  Plug-in phone jack
High-speed Internet Morning paper  Evening paper Non-smoking room
Dry cleaning  Room service  Concierge Parcel delivery service
 BBC  CNN  CS broadcasting Video on demand

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