Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA is located approximately 3 minutes from Osaka Station.

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By Train

■ From Osaka Station, JR Line: Approx. 3 min. Walk from the Bridge Gate on third floor
■ From Osaka-umeda Station, Hankyu Line [Station No. HK01]: Approx. 5 min. walk
■ From Osaka-umeda Station, Hanshin Line [Station No. HS01]: Approx. 10 min. walk
■ From Umeda Station, Osaka Metro Midosuji Line [Station No. M16]: Approx. 5 min. walk
■ From Shin-Osaka Station, Shinkansen: Approx. 7 min. by JR Kyoto Line or Osaka Metro Midosuji Line


By Car

■ Approx. three min. from the Umeda Exit of the Hanshin Expressway’s No. 11 Ikeda Route
(1) Turn right at the lights after coming out of the Umeda Exit.
(2) Turn left at the Umeda Ramp East (Umedaranpu E.) Intersection and go straight along Grand Front Osaka.
(3) Turn right at the next lights and right again at the following set of lights. Proceed along the road past the next lights.
(4) Turn left at the Shibata Intersection and turn left again at the Shibata-1 Intersection. You will soon see the entrance of the hotel’s underground parking on your left.

<Underground parking> Approx. 1,000 spaces available
Hotel guests: ¥3,000/night (24 hours from the time of entry)


From Area Airports

◆From Kansai International Airport [KIX]: By airport limousine bus to Hotel New Hankyu [UM1]

【Kansai Airport Terminal 2】 Pick up point No.1/Approx. 75 min. (first bus: 6:22, last bus: 0:47)
【Kansai Airport Terminal 1】Pick up point No.5/Approx. 60 min. (first bus: 3:00, last bus: 2:00)
【Fare】¥1,550 (adult)/¥780 (child)
>>>>From [KIX] Kansai International Airport TIME TABLE
>>>>From [UM1] Hotel New Hankyu TIME TABLE

◆From Osaka International (Itami) Airport [ITM]: By airport limousine bus to Hotel New Hankyu [U1]

The bus will arrive at Hotel new Hankyu Osaka’s south entrance.
[ITM] Bus Stop
【Osaka (Itami) Airport terminal】Pick up point No.9/Approx. 30 min. (first bus: 8:15, last bus: 20:10)
【Fare】 ¥640 (adult)/¥320 (child)
>>>>From [ITM] Osaka International(Itami) Airport  TIME TABLE
>>>>From [U1] Hotel New Hankyu TIME TABLE


A short walk from the bus stop.
*You cannot make a reservation for this bus.
*Delays may occur due to traffic conditions and other reasons.
*Please purchase a return ticket from a ticket vending machine at the bus stop on the check-out date.



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