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Steak house LOIN

This steakhouse preserves the original red-brick look it had when it was first established, as well as its traditional flavors.

We offer a range of choices, from top-quality A5 grade brand steaks and Japanese black cattle beef to reasonably priced Australian steak.

Our chefs demonstrate their polished technique – they really know how to grill that steak just right!—before your eyes.

We also have six rooms that accommodate parties of six and up. We’re an ideal place for get-togethers with family and friends, too.

Type: grilled
Tel: -
Number of seats: 37
Private room: -
Regular holiday: -

Meal Time Last Order Rates
Lunch 11:30-16:00 16:00 ¥3,300 & up
Dinner 16:00-22:30 22:00 ¥11,000 & up

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