Approx. 5 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station.City resort hotel in front of Kochi Castle with greenery

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Room types
Room type Room size Num. of rooms Bed size (mm) Basic rate
Single 15.7㎡ 74 1200 × 2000~ ¥13,915 more..
Ladies Room 15.7㎡ 16 1200 × 2000 ¥13,915 more..
Twin 22㎡~ 70 1100 × 2000~ ¥22,990(1)、¥26,620(2) more..

○ All rooms ● Depends on room type
Aftershave lotion Hair tonic Hair styling liquid Cotton swabs
Cotton balls Toothbrush Razor blade Comb
Shampoo Conditioner Hand soap Body soap
Shower cap Bath towel Face towel Hand towel
Yukata Tea set Hair dryer Warm water bidet toilet

Items Available to Rent/Borrow
○ Complimentary ● Charges apply
Iron Trouser presser Humidifier Baby bed

○ Complimentary ● Charges apply
Morning paper Non-smoking room Dry cleaning Parcel delivery service
High-speed Internet Photocopies FAX (charged for sending) Massage

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