Great for business, sightseeing, etc. We have small, medium, and large banquet halls for national conferences, international conferences, and a wide variety of other uses.

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Name Type Private room Seating Regular holiday
咖啡厅与餐厅 Cafe-Restaurant - 158 none more..
瀬戸日式餐厅 Japanese - 99 none more..
Steakhouse SHIKI(牛排馆) Grilled meat - 12 Tuesday more..
桃煌中式餐厅 Chinese - 102 Wednesday more..
FIORE (フィオーレ) 景觀餐厅 French - 60 Monday more..
ASTRO (アストロ) 酒吧 Bar - 34 none more..
烘焙坊 other - - none more..

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